The Feast of Unleaven Bread

Tonight in the Feast course I am teaching on the Feast of Unleavened Bread. At first glance this seems simple enough with most books agreeing that leaven = sin, and we have got to get rid of that – don’t you know. Well I think the verse below give us a clue as to how we will be led tonight. I will write more tomorrow, Lord willing. In the meantime, just read the passage below in meditation and prayer.

“Therefore purge out the old leaven, that you may be a new lump, since you truly are unleavened. For indeed Christ, our Passover, was sacrificed for us. Therefore let us keep the feast, not with old leaven, nor with the leaven of malice and wickedness, but with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth.” 1 Corinthians 5:7-8 NKJV

Teaching Summaries

Our Friday Fellowship went exceptionally well. Christina Mancuso led our worship team (along with all there) in precious worship time. Then Lauren taught Romans 3. She is becoming an excellent expositor of the Word. She values the word and brings honor to the Lord as she allows the Spirit to teach us through it. We were very blessed. Thank you for praying.

My Thursday evening teaching on “Building a Community,” seemed to go well. This first in a 5-part series was on “Building a Community of Focus.” There were three main points. (I am not known for my 3 point lessons – so this was interesting for me. I usually have more – but who knows how the Lord is training me here).

1. Building a community is something that is intentional. It does not just happen, but we must exercise our free will and accept: a) An appointment to a group of Christians – specifically the local church. We do not lose our free will in the choice. This is not a bondage, but an opportunity to experience our Lord in community. b) The Lord is the one who decides and appoints for mature believers. We do not attend a particular local group because we like it there (though the Lord probably will not run counter to your heart here), but we attend and become a part because we are appointed by the Lord to be there.

2. True Biblical Fellowship follows a pattern. John 17:20-26 describes the heart of our Lord in His High Priestly prayer to include all of us in the fellowship of the Trinity and in His glory. By these two things we express Biblical unity. We are enveloped in a fellowship that already exists in eternity – the Lord’s own – and then we begin to relate with one another in that given unity.

3. Biblical Fellowship has a God-given focus. Acts 2:42 “They continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine, in fellowship, in breaking bread, and prayer.” The focus of our fellowship is not to be our love for one another. This is dangerous and will end in frustration, disappointment, failure and pain. Our focus must be Him through these things. We are to always be looking at Him through the Word and having our fellowship around the truth and life that the Word brings. Then true fellowship develops. True fellowship is not seen in cliques, nor in any exclusive behavior. It is felt in a true openness the Word brings and envelopes all who are near. It is not exclusive in any way. When we focus on getting to know one another, we miss the mark. We will gradually develop that knowledge together as we share the Word, but our problems must never be the center of our knowledge of one another. Instead we are to develop that through the focus of the Word.

Food, marvelous thing that it is, plays a big role in enjoying the fellowship and binding hearts together in His love. We share not only communion, but also meals. This does not have quite the social understanding it did in Biblical times, but it is still there somewhat. Sharing meals is what people do who choose to relate together.

Then the last thing we are to focus on is praying together. Talk ing with the Lord together. Allowing our hearts to continue to have a focus of Kingdom – not just our individual needs. Praying for individual needs is always good, but that must not be the primary reason or summary of our time in prayer together. We are to listen to Him as well as talk – we are to share this intimacy together.

These are to develop as our focus. So there you have a brief summary of what took approximately 50 minutes to deliver. It was well received and we looking forward to next Thursday when we will work with “Belonging” as our next Kingdom understanding of life in a Biblical Community – local church expression.

Psalm 19 Tonight!

Our regularly scheduled Psalm 19 meeting is tonight. We will gather from many different denominations to worship our Lord Jesus Christ and eat at the table of His word. Then we will fellowship and enjoy Him. Our worship leader for tonight is guest, Christina Mancuso from the Church of the Resurrection, East Syracuse, and our preacher/teacher for the evening is my daughter, (pictured here playing base guitar) Lauren.

We are in for a special evening as both young ladies are anointed and gifted in the Holy Spirit. I am excited to be there. Normally when Lauren speaks, I am away, but this was planned this way due to my busy schedule. It gives me a rare opportunity to be present when I am not speaking. I am delighted!

I realize I have not yet summarized last evenings teaching for you as promised, but it is coming. I was just away from my computer all day. Those of you who read before 7-9 pm EST, join us in prayer for a wonderful evening in our Lord.

Fellowship Sweetness

I thought we might all enjoy a touch of spring – on this snowy, cold night in Central NYS. In a few months iris’ like these will be growing in my flower beds. I look so forward to seeing them. A friend gave me such beautiful bulbs a couple of summer’s ago and the bed is beautiful in the spring.

Class seemed to go very well last evening. We had such a good time together with the Passover with a special emphasis on its original purpose and noticing how the Lord in His last Passover supper before His death, made use of at least one of the traditions – the cup of wine (or new wine it would have probably been).

We had a good time working with the fulfillment of it in Christ and then ended with our own Passover Supper the way Jesus told us to share to remember that He died for us and is coming again. It was really an appointment of the old Passover into the realized one we call communion. It was a sweet time of sharing with Him, in Him and together. The Lord blessed us so. That class is composed of folk from 6 different denominations. We experienced “miracle” together. The Body of Christ is truly one in Spirit. He made us so.

I am teaching tomorrow night at my local church’s mid-week service. My Pastor has asked that I teach a series on “Building a Community.” Tomorrow evening is the first of 5 sessions with the adults. I will try to post a summary on Friday so those of you who choose to do so can share with us.


Tonight I am teaching Lesson #3 in our Institute class “The Feasts of the Lord.” I am approaching the study as a discovery for us of what Christ has done and how these are fulfilled in Him. The one thing that is very, very clear is that the Lord intends for us to be a people of celebration. Israel of old were a people of joy and celebration when they followed Him. He organized their years by the marking of His work among them and then instituted celebrations.

The first lesson was an overall introduction to the Feasts, and last week we discovered how the understanding of the Sabbath is basic to all understanding of the works of God. We discovered that Jesus is our Sabbath and all He is calls us to trust Him and rest. All our work is to be done out of rest and faith. We had a good time with it.

Tonight I am working with Passover. It is, of course, easy to connect the dots with this one, but it is the beginning of the Spring Festivals and lays the ground work for all of the blessings through the sacrifice of Christ Jesus our Lord. I look forward to it. The KeyNote (Mac’s Power Point) is ready and now I go to the notebooks and read and let the Lord show me His intended emphasis for tonight.

One big thing we are looking at in Scripture is the difference between what is commanded for them and what traditions have developed. The prophecies of Christ are found in the Scripture structure, not necessarily in the traditions. Although at times those too are incorporated in the New Testament celebrations. It will be interesting I think, and hopefully we will rejoice and celebrate through it all.