Read Up

This video clip (I found on the Baker Book Church Connection – link in sidebar) is one that I amen. It is Mortimer Adler, who is an educator and philosopher. He is talking about learning to “Read Up.” There are times I will buy a Physics magazine. The point is to learn. I have never studied physics. But I learn much by exposing myself to these thoughts. Or I will buy a Theology book way beyond my level of education. The point would be to pull my mind up.

As all educators know, it is very important to be reading above one’s level of education in order to become more knowledgeable. Our learning as believers never ends, and we need to have this attitude about learning — always read up.

Don’t just read the things in the word you believe you understand, but read those that challenge your understanding, or you just don’t understand at all. Let them seep into your being and over time, much more understanding will begin to be there. We need to be alert to this idea in order to become more and more Biblically literate.