New Beginnings

It has been five months since I have written on this blog. In all my years of blogging, that is the longest I have ever let it sit idle. Well, today is the day to begin again! I place my rock garden as the photo as it is today. Spring is really trying to burst forth here in Central New York, but we still have some colder days, lots of clouds, and rain, so the tulips are giving us their glory to encourage the rest of the crop of iris’ and other “babies” to be planted in June. But for me, this is the beginning of blogging all over again.

I am so thankful to our Lord Jesus that each moment is a new one and can become the beginning of “all-new.” He knew that even with all the benefits a relationship with Him provides, there would be days, weeks, months, and even years when something loved would need to rest for a season. And it seems to blog was just that for me during the past five months.

Oh yes, there were reasons, and I was intensely occupied with the Holy Spirit of our Lord into realms that I hope I will be able to share at least some of what I now perceive. No details, of course, about how I got where I am today, but please know I am grateful for each new discovery, each new friend, each new experience, each new tear, as well as every time over-whelming laughter has had me enfolded in joy!

I plan to write here and also to use two of the very precious ladies, who work with me in Psalm 19, who also write effectively of the Kingdom of God and His righteousness in us to join me in writing here. They are both also good photographers so we will highlight their work for their posts. 

Diane Hernandez – lovingly known as “Lady Di,” for she is indeed that! She writes regularly using “snail mail” to make her insights available to those who wish to read. Now we will be placing some of her shorter writings here for all to read who want to do so. You will enjoy her precious walk with Jesus as she shares. You can also read Lady Di on Psalm 19’s website on “Lady Di’s Corner.”

Rev. Cindy Joy Rosenau of Christ Living In You Ministries, who is presently Psalm 19’s Missionary in Residence, will also be sharing some of her writing and Holy Spirit teachings! Cindy has spent several years in Ghana, W. Africa, in founding and Apostolic oversight of two congregations of God’s people as well as the Institute of the Holy Spirit, where she taught laborers for the Kingdom. I know you will gain much as she reaches into the deep well of the Holy Spirit to write of the riches she finds there.

Of course, I will write as well. In Jesus, including others, is always wise, and this will enable us to expand the blog’s reach and purpose. I am grateful for these two precious ones – to walk with them and to write with them!

Thank you, Lord, for others to walk and work within Your Kingdom!