Sharing – The Ultimate Fellowship!

Here we are in the middle of the Fall season. It is a beautiful time of the year for us in Central New York and I love the brilliance of God’s display as I look at my yard and the mountains near our home. How marvelous His mind must be – holding such beauty within. So, I have changed the photo in my header for a few weeks. Join me for a cup of hot tea or coffee as we sit in my yard and enjoy His fellowship.

You see, John 17:20-23 tells us that we have been drawn into His fellowship in the unity of the Trinity. So when we get together – whenever and however that may be ordered – He enjoys the sweetness of the fellowship shared. We may be talking about whatever, still He is in fellowship with us in that. He never leaves us nor forsakes us, so He is always within.

Our tendency is to think our sharing together is just us. We meet the Lord in church and with church people and with church activities. The rest of what we do is kinda on our own and we work to please Him in it all. That is such “religious” thinking. We all do it. So there are no fingers being pointed here. I have been brought up short in my thinking about fellowship as I have read and re-read this passage in John. He really does share in everything we do, and we share in what He is doing.

We continue to think and worship as if He is outside of us and very separate. Yet, He has told us that He lives within us and we are His Temple. So this “separateness” we think and enforce as we continue to see Him mainly as separate and external, is actually very false. For He is so near and in and with. Never are we alone. Not only is the Father, Son and Holy Spirit a part of what we do, but the angels of Heaven are present to us as well.

Although the room in my home where I am writing this seems empty and I am alone in the house, as far as other people are concerned, yet my home is absolutely filled with the supernatural. May we begin to wrap our minds around the Word and allow His nearness to invade our being – mind, will and emotions. I think we will find a fuller and deeper peace invading us and governing us.

May we enter Lord into the truth of your presence, now and always in and with us. Never alone, never without,and always included. Think of what a deep knowledge of all this would do in us! It would transform our thinking and our fellowship! Join me.