I took took this precious photo while walking with my daughter and my camera in Gethsemane Prayer Garden on the grounds of Faith Chapel in Syracuse, NY last Saturday afternoon. Tom Clarke, the visionary and care-taker of the garden was giving us a most informative tour and we thoroughly enjoyed the time. This is, of course, early spring here, so many of the blooms are not ready yet, but the garden is still a very peaceful and restful place to walk and pray. I urge you to enjoy it if you live close to this area. Thanks Tom.

This flowing stream reminds me of how we are to be as believers – always on over-flow. When Jesus said in John 7:37-38 “…If anyone thirsts, let Him come to Me and drink. He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water” He was describing what He was going to empower within each and every believer. He was going to cause them to over-flow continually, like the stream above in the Spring. In fact, He said “out of his heart will flow rivers” not just streams in Spring, but gushers all the time and not just one but “rivers.”

He intended that we understand that He has made us constant life-givers, not life-takers; always full to over-flow, not empty vessels always needing what another can give; abundant in giving life everwhere, not complainers about what He has yet to do (which describes most of our prayers); always having more than enough to give, not always lacking (Psalm 23).

I am thinking this is a “faith” thing. Living by faith means we see what He has spoken and live in the provision of that Word long before it is ours to feel or hold or spend. So join me today by either re-reading or reviewing at least His words about flowing like rivers of waters of life. I am choosing His Word. This is a faith thing. The rivers are flowing, so I must get some of it out and down.

Lord Jesus, teach me to see by your Word and trust you. I know this is what life in You is all about – learning to trust what You have said and living in that massive over-flow. I make it my choice today – over and over again. Thank you Lord.


It Really is Spring!


I just wanted to share a bit of joy with everyone. I was out this morning and caught some daffodils and tulips at the local 911 Memorial site in Dewitt. Then I walked over to the park and the little pond and further to see the portion of the old Erie Canal. I put the daffodils up on the header, but thought this early spring scene of  the Canal really nice. 

It was in the 50’s and breezy, so a bit chilly, but overall a nice walk and the sun was so welcome. I believe it has been 12 days since we have had much it. Tomorrow its supposed to be nice too. 

Enjoy each season with your Lord, whatever that may be. I, personally love them all – especially Spring and Fall. They are so beautiful here in Central New York. Thank you Lord for green. It was a long winter.