Being Blessed and Blessing!


On Thanksgiving Day, I was with my husband, daughter, brother and his wife seated just right beside this scene in a restaurant we often frequent on Thanksgiving Day. It is a bit of a ride for all of us, but well worth the time in both “getting away” as well as an awesome dinner (with many entrees available). The river is the Susquehanna River and the scene is beautiful. I had asked the Lord that morning that we not encounter any deer on our drive (as the drive is always full of them) and that we be seated by the window near the river. Well as you can see on part was really answered well – and we did not see even one deer. My Father is so bountiful with me!

I know those are little things, but they mean a lot in the course of a special day spent with loved ones! I took this photo and have chosen to use it as my header on the blog. I am not certain where the snow-fall gently falling over the blog came from, but I like it so will not try to remove it.

It is Christmas in every way possible around me. My home is decorated, the Bible Center is beautifully decorated (my office included) so now all the carols and traditional fun songs are enjoyed and even delighted in. I do not try to correct others about this season. It has much in it that is not true and not accurate, however, I am blessed that at least one day in the year the world knows about my Jesus! I choose to use it as a blessing.

Oh yes, I do not mind “Happy Holidays.” I bless folk any way I can. I do not have to have things where I am comfortable with them. I would rather use the “Happy Holidays” to turn and bless them, instead of insisting they use something they do not want to say. I wish it were different, but it is not. So we need to keep in mind that our Lord woo’s people to His heart. He does not correct them into it. I believe the Scripture says that it is His goodness that leads them to repentance. So let’s use this opportunity to bless anyway we can.

Also, the Xmas thing – well originally when this was used it was code for Christmas. You see, the Greek letter X is the “ch” sound in that language and became synonymous with the word “Christ.” So there is no need to fight that one either. So why don’t we get busy wooing folk by loving them? Seems like the Lord would want that. Let’s not fall so easily into offense and lets let our faith work through love to really bless folk this season.

So now have a good time shopping, singing and enjoying the joy that comes through the season all the while being mindful of the ones among us in the season of mourning and loss. Such things seem not to observe seasons and when they do, they increase during them – especially the first one after a major loss.

Blessing you Dear Reader, thank you so for sharing my thoughts. Oh yes, I ┬álove kitties – do not have any presently, but my daughter does, so I regularly enjoy the purrs and soft kitty hugs. Enjoy!