Thank you so much for you prayers and love extended to me!

I went to see my specialist this afternoon, and all is progressing – healing – with the emphasis of “far from healed.” I am to stay on my meds according to the current dosage for three more weeks, rest and in another week begin some gently (emphasis “gentle”) therapy.

So I am making good progress. However driving while on these narcotics is not on my agenda, and I need to remain quiet and still most of the time. So basically three more weeks ahead before much change can happen in what I am doing. However as quickly as I am able to get my arm adjusted in a good typing posture, I can get back to writing and blogging.

Right now this “pecking” is all I have. I must say- it really does slow this typist down – not an altogether bad thing. I am enjoying my Lord Jesus in His word and He is showing me much I have never seen. He is so awesome!

Tomorrow morning at 11 is my sister-in-law’s memorial service. Please pray for her three grown children and their families, and especially for my brother, John. I am not be able to be at the service, but my family and many from Psalm 19 will be there.

Prayer Please

Hi, I am Patty, Iris’ Administrative Assistant. She has asked me to bring you up to date and list three immediate prayer requests:

1) Iris’ brother, John, his dear wife went home to Jesus yesterday morning. Iris and family request your prayers for his comfort and encouragement as he walks through this time of sorrow.

2) While Iris was in John’s home yesterday, she fell breaking her upper left arm into several pieces. She is to see an Orthopedic Surgeon today. She requests prayer for a good decision as to what to do with the arm and a release from such intense pain.

3) Prayer for Lauren, Iris’ daughter, who will be doing a lot of her teachings that have been scheduled for April.

Iris so appreciates your reading here and being a part of her blog family. Either myself or Lauren will be posting to keep you up to date until Iris can type once again. Bless you for praying.

Becoming Faithful

I do not think any of us are “naturally” the faithful type. We are fickle and flighty in our emotional make-up. Yet we are capable of being faithful, but I think that is so only in Jesus. He gives us His faithfulness and we learn to lean into that gift and allow it expression in our lives. The bountiful gift of grace that has been given to us, enfolds our person and even though we remain in-flesh, that grace gives us all that Jesus is.

What a wonderful miracle! All my inability’s enveloped into all His supernatural ones. All my failings completely overshadowed by the glory of His grace that surrounds and enfolds. Words fail me in trying to express the reality of what is occurring on a continual basis in our lives as we live in the Lord Jesus!