Thank you so much for you prayers and love extended to me!

I went to see my specialist this afternoon, and all is progressing – healing – with the emphasis of “far from healed.” I am to stay on my meds according to the current dosage for three more weeks, rest and in another week begin some gently (emphasis “gentle”) therapy.

So I am making good progress. However driving while on these narcotics is not on my agenda, and I need to remain quiet and still most of the time. So basically three more weeks ahead before much change can happen in what I am doing. However as quickly as I am able to get my arm adjusted in a good typing posture, I can get back to writing and blogging.

Right now this “pecking” is all I have. I must say- it really does slow this typist down – not an altogether bad thing. I am enjoying my Lord Jesus in His word and He is showing me much I have never seen. He is so awesome!

Tomorrow morning at 11 is my sister-in-law’s memorial service. Please pray for her three grown children and their families, and especially for my brother, John. I am not be able to be at the service, but my family and many from Psalm 19 will be there.

3 thoughts on “Update

  • ((((Iris))))
    Continuing to hold you up in prayer and agreeing that the Lord will use this time to his Glory! God is good! As for you brother and his grown children, I will keep them lifted up also. God, our Father in Heaven has them in the palm of his hands. Lord have mercy. In Jesus name, Amen. His heart hurts also with them as he knows the loss they are experiencing.

    On another note, it is good to see you here. Praying for timely recovery for you also.

    Love in Christ,

  • Praying for you, Iris. Just now checking in–a fall has had me a bit laid up. So glad to hear you are improving. Praise God! Enjoy your slow down time as much as you can!

    • I know the post I just made will answer your questions, but want you to know how very much I appreciate your comments and prayers. I think you would like to know that my oldest son just received his “Licensed To Preach” credential from the A/G. He never intended to be a Pastor, so has two degrees in music – but God! He is a music pastor, but is beginning to teach and preach also. My heart overflows. It is his step-son’s wife that is currently having the baby. Blessing you!

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