Prayer Please

Hi, I am Patty, Iris’ Administrative Assistant. She has asked me to bring you up to date and list three immediate prayer requests:

1) Iris’ brother, John, his dear wife went home to Jesus yesterday morning. Iris and family request your prayers for his comfort and encouragement as he walks through this time of sorrow.

2) While Iris was in John’s home yesterday, she fell breaking her upper left arm into several pieces. She is to see an Orthopedic Surgeon today. She requests prayer for a good decision as to what to do with the arm and a release from such intense pain.

3) Prayer for Lauren, Iris’ daughter, who will be doing a lot of her teachings that have been scheduled for April.

Iris so appreciates your reading here and being a part of her blog family. Either myself or Lauren will be posting to keep you up to date until Iris can type once again. Bless you for praying.

2 thoughts on “Prayer Please

  • Praying right now for all three issues. Lord, we know you are present and in control even of those things that make little sense to us. I do join those in prayer for John specifically for his heavy heart, that he will feel your presence and touch on his life even now. For Iris, I ask Lord for a quick recovery and comfort in the pain. Take what may have been meant for her harm Lord and use it to Your Glory. And for Lauren, I pray for peace, steadfast trust in you and all the energy she will need to fill in for her mother. Bless all who will come here and join in prayer and all those who will be praying among the congregation. In Jesus, mighty and precious name. Amen.

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