One of the books I am currently reading is NT Wright’s Paul – a new perspective. The book is 8 lectures he did in Cambridge University a couple of years ago. He is definitely a “read up” for me – always challenges me and makes my brain work overtime.

In his preface he made this statement, “The church and the academy both urgently need a new generation of teachers and preachers who will give themselves totally to the delighted study of the text and allow themselves to be taken wherever it leads, to think new thoughts arising out of the text and to dare to try them out in word and deed.” WOW – can that man write! This statement is so good – may it become our prayer.

Institute Begins

What a wonderful event!!! The Psalm 19 Ministries Institute of Biblical Studies begins its 11th year tomorrow evening. That is worth celebrating – so I do.

We are offering two classes – New Testament Survey with Lauren as the teacher, and Revelation – that one I am teaching. I look forward to the maturity levels of all of us rising beyond where we have been. The Word will always bring forth a person like Jesus. Amazing!


I am a blessed woman! Today is Labor Day in the USA and I have the joy of getting to be with 3 of my 4 children. We will have a cook-out a bit later and enjoy the sweet fellowship. The Lord is so faithful to His promises to me.

My children are all in their 40’s and it is a joy to be their friend.

The weather has turned cool. Really nice! We will be able to have a fire in the fire-pit and will need sweat-shirts. Awesome! I love the fall season. I do not enjoy needing to rake all the leaves I need to rake, but it comes as a part of the season. So I will just set my heart to enjoy. Thankfully, my arm is healed and I will able to do what needs to be done here at home. What joy!

May the precious Lord Jesus bless your day with completed promises!