His Presence!

Psalm 73 is all about a person’s journey from the every day disappointments of life into the presence of God where everything, once again, is at peace and makes some sort of sense. I have over the years referred many to this Psalm as folk were working with sheer discouragement and anxiousness in the face of every day trials that just do not seem to quit. The presence of our Lord, even in the Old Testament, is an awesome thing. It is not a “mental” thing, but one must use the mind/will/emotions to be open to experience this awesome presence. He comes to us, individually and corporately to refresh and ignite our hearts in Him. 

Individually, I know you have often experienced Him becoming present to you as you read the Word and talked with Him – just the two of you. He dwells within us, so making this known to us is simply at our choosing. The purposeful, conscious awareness that the breath of God is in us and He has come to experience our day in Him is such rest. There is another dimension of presence, when we gather in fellowship with others to experience belonging in Him together. This “corporate presence” (for lack of any other suitable term) is only experienced in fellowship with others. It is not only “knowable,” in the fact that you know He is present, it is experienced together. Some never let go into Him to experience this essence of life. Worries, cares, criticalness, intellectually based religion, all of these and many more items get in the way. But He is always with us individually, so when we gather as believers, He is present in each – hence a “corporate presence” much beyond and different from our individual experiences. He is so gracious! To experience this “presence” is to allow the Lord to “right” our world. It was available, even in the Old Testament, so how much more to us as blood-bought Sons of Almighty God! Enjoy Him as you live your moments today. 

Your Personal History With God

This is outstanding! I wanted to share it with all my readers, as many of you are in ministry and know the truth of this video. Bill Johnson hits the nail right on the head! Many of us have tried to “do ministry” and “live the life” in our own strength and will-power and have found that very insufficient in the Kingdom of God. This video encourages another way. It is so good.

Seeing Pieces-Parts

“Concerning this salvation, the prophets who prophesied about the grace that would come to you searched and carefully investigated. They inquired into what time or what circumstances the Spirit of Christ within them was indicating when He testified in advance to the messianic sufferings and the glories that would follow. It was revealed to them that they were not serving themselves but you concerning things that have now been announced to you through those who preached the gospel to you by the Holy Spirit sent from heaven. Angels desire to look into these things. 1 Peter 1:10-12 HCSB

(Precious Readers, I am choosing to go back to Scripture instead of trying to summarize the Elim Conference. There was so much poured out and I need time to process it. You may find some of it in a post occasionally, but let’s go back to the main thing for our time right now. Bless you for reading).

Many do not understand that Peter had much the same revelation on grace and its Messiah as Paul. He does not write nearly as much (evidently was not appointed to do so), yet I think his writings reveal a much deeper thinker and “seer” than is commonly thought. In this passage he begins to explain that the Old Testament prophets knew they saw only “pieces-parts” and they searched to see what we now have plainly before us when we read the Scriptures. They wanted to know “when” and “how” as “the Spirit of Christ within them” was indicating as they talked about the coming Messiah. 

Well, that will rock some of our theology. Peter plainly says that “the Spirit of Christ” was within the prophets of old, well so much for believing the “within” was only in the New Covenant. Back to the drawing board on that one. Isn’t it beautiful how the Lord has a way of giving us truth that far exceeds our own understanding? Indeed! So as we study, much of our divisions, and understanding of dispensations etc… finds challenge. I knew John the Baptist had the Spirit within, for he had the Spirit from conception. (See Luke 1:39-45). But now we see that all the Old Testament prophets who prophesied of the birth of Christ, were inhabited by the Spirit of Christ.

They were not told “when” nor “how.” But revelation came and let them know their prophecies were serving those who would live in the future. Their ministry was a service to us. How awesome! We have such purpose living in the strength and revelation of grace. They longed to see and understand. But were given simply the knowledge of their service. 

Can’t you see, in your mind, a crusty old Isaiah, writing out words. Then stopping and inquiring of the Lord about them, searching deeply all avenues of study and Torah to try to find answers. In the Spirit, Isaiah washed our feet – served us who would come later. Now we, in this age are the recipients of this service and grace.

“Remember what happened long ago, for I am God, and there is no other; I am God and no one is like Me. I declare the end from the beginning and from long ago what is not yet done, saying: ‘My plan will take place, and I will do all My will.'” Isaiah 46:10 HCSB