We Turn Our Hearts . . .

I have been pondering the fact of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit within us. Since the Lord Jesus has eliminated every definition of distance between us and because we have, by the fact of this indwelling, been drawn into the fellowship of the Trinity (John 17:20-23), what does the Scripture mean when it says to “Draw near” (James 4:8) since it is impossible to get any nearer?
I know we are all limited by our language, regardless of what language that might be. So the writers of our New Testament were also very limited by what they could conceptually place within a text. When it comes to pondering the things of God in the Spirit, truth is so marvelously grand, that our words fail in our attempts to share it. Remember in the book of Revelation how the Apostle John was always saying, “It was like…” simply because there were no words (regardless of his language) to adequately express what he was trying to convey. He was experiencing “picture” after “picture” in seemingly a rapid-fire movement (much like our short video’s today). So language failed him. So it is with us – we dwell in “It was like….” often.
I am thinking that the title of this post gets close to how we can effectively and progressively think and work. “We turn our hearts.” He is always with me and in me. However, I am not always tuned into His voice nor His presence. Oh yes, I know my Lord Jesus is here with me, but it takes an act of my will to turn my heart and my mind that direction. This is His plan. He does not force us to belong to Him, nor does He force us to fellowship in Him, once the birth into His family and heart occurs.
So to “draw near” would still mean, to “draw near” with the understanding that to do so simply means to turn my heart to Him and turn my ears and mind into a listening stance. We can always hear and always fellowship.
So Lord we turn our hearts to hear yours and to dwell sweetly within our home in your heart. Here we worship and share.
Next post: Sharing in His heart, or what we commonly call “prayer.”

Set Your Mind

“Therefore if you have been raised up with Christ, keep seeking the things above,where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. Set your mind on the things above, not on the things that are on the earth.”Colossians 3:1-2 NASB

  The passage quoted above is known to all of us. Yet, its practicality is often set aside and we think “maybe someday – when I am old and almost dead.” Now that I am old (in the mind of common man – not in the Lord’s mind) I am aware that the passage is what the Lord is empowering now. Notice what we are to seek the things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. It is the call to our hearts. He lives in us, we live in Him. He so longs for us to “see” from within His heart. When we begin to trust Him, we can begin to see in Spirit what He sees. We then have something to think about that is not on the earth. We normally spend all our time thinking and praying about matters here.

The word in the Greek used for “mind” here is the word that means “to have understanding, to think, adopt, view, attitude, intent on, purpose, live in harmony, mind, observes, set their minds, set your mind, setting your mind, think and view.” WOW. That means I am commanded (if you will) to understand what He sees. Now this takes time and faith to enter into its reality. If it was not commanded, then it would be impossible. But since it is not just a suggestion but a command, it is therefore automatically empowered. We just have not been doing it (I speak generally and personally). I have recently been “seeing” in a way that is amazing and so encouraging. I am drawn to this reality by through the Word and my union with my Savior. As my closest friend and lover of my soul, He longs to show me His world. I am learning to “see” what He is wanting to show me. It is a bit awesome to me, but it has been there in Scripture all along. 

Needless to say, this adds an entirely new dimension to talking with Him and even in intercession in general. He literally “reads” my heart and relieves me of its burden. He assures me of His care and answer so deeply that I am amazed. So there is no new “secret” here. It is simply the Word, believed and put into action. Such “sight” will empower a kind of thinking that is freeing and faith-filled. This is what He longs for us to see and understand. We do have the mind of Christ. I am really enjoying these discoveries. He is awesome in every beloved way. Thank you, Lord Jesus!