Enjoying A December Day in NY

Really, really cold day in Central NY. While all the southern loving people are hating this weather, I am enjoying it very much. My feet do get cold, so I always need to have them encased in something warm, and as I grow older I have a shorter time of enjoyment. For instance, in Mid-March, I do not find pleasure in a huge snow-storm – most of the time.

However, as I ponder all the negative press our weather is getting, I am in my warm home rejoicing. There are no insects to avoid (I am quite allergic to most of them – bees in particular can cause extreme difficulty with me). There is no lawn to mow and no painting outside that can be done. So I have more time to write and study.

I do not need to make certain I can get cool. That is one of the biggest problems I have physically with very warm weather – I cannot stay warm or I will be in trouble. It seems that my physical system does not easily cool itself. So it is easy for me to overheat and rather dangerous due to sun-stroke. So during these beautiful months – none of these things need to be on my radar.

Thankfully, my family understands and puts up with my joy in the beauty of a snow covered lawn and the cold, cold nights. If I were younger, (and when I was younger), I would enjoy cross country skiing or snowshoeing over the beautiful fluff. However, I do not try that now. Getting from house to car and into buildings is about as far as I go in enjoying it.

As I sit and ponder the beauty and the quiet I find great enjoyment in it all. Oh yes, the quiet. We actually live on a very busy street in the city, and in the summer we have all the city sounds. Due to the snows’ insulating properties, in the winter it is as if we live in the country – so very, very quiet. I can think and pray and enjoy the stillness – or should I say, the seeming stillness.

So I guess it does take “all types” to make a world. I have enjoyed ministry trips to Florida during the winter, but would find the climate oppressive long-term. It is much too hot for my thick blood in the summer.

So, to all you who love the warm weather – that’s OK. I will continue to bless you. However, I will enjoy the journey of staying warm. It is easier than trying to get cool.

Enjoy the beauty and oh yes, “I love NY.”