The faithfulness of our Lord is awesome! We met on February 8 for our Friday Fellowship in our new facility. It was so blessed by our Lord in presence, praise, worship, word and fellowship between and among believers. Our Lord’s love and grace to us is beyond our ability to comprehend. How we praise Him! The facility is light, warm and inviting. The volunteers have done it all in love and have served their Lord faithfully. May He hear their every prayer and bless them beyond blessing. May those the Lord brought to professionally do plumbing, carpet, and code inspections also be blessed with the warmth of our love in Jesus.

My schedule is intensely busy right now, so no real time to think through a post. I am teaching and have much to say — need to do some condensing and put it down here. Will do that in a day or so. The office (picture tomorrow — hopefully) is getting organized and I am really enjoying having a space dedicated to study. I have used a spot in my home for many, many years and so this is really neat. The platform and pulpit above is so nice to teach and preach from. I enjoy the space very much. For those who do not know me personally, I am quite vertically challenged, so even in small spaces need a bit of a platform to be seen and heard, so this is just perfect! The pulpit was built for me several years ago by a craftsman in my church. I so treasure the little item. It now has a home and doesn’t go back and forth from storage to be used. 

Must get home for supper and then ready for class tonight at church’s mid-week. I am teaching “Walking In the Spirit — a study in Galatians.” Overall having much, much fun. Our Lord so so very good to me! 

The Bible Learning Center

Welcome to Bible Class! A warm, loving and beautiful classroom awaits you as you enter to enjoy our Lord. Our Friday Fellowship meetings begin tonight, so the tables will be put aside and chairs arranged so many of us can worship and study together as we gather from many denominations to enjoy our Lord and given Him praise and thanksgiving for all He has done and is doing. Absolutely awesome! Join us if you are in the Syracuse, NY area, otherwise, pray as we begin that our Lord will be praised and magnified in all we do in this miracle of a facility.

Certificate of Occupancy Given!

On Friday, February 8 at 7 pm, Psalm 19 Ministries will have its first Friday Fellowship of the Spring Season at 6138 S. Salina Street at the newly renovated site of The Bible Learning Center! I will have interior pictures here for you in the next few days, but just wanted to share this good news with you. I am away in ministry this week-end, but praise God for the internet so I can keep in touch and update the blog as well.

Thank you for praying for us as we have been working so hard to get the space ready. When you are in the Syracuse, NY area, be certain to drop in or if you can be with us on Friday night, please do so. Our Lord is so very good toward us! How I praise Him.