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Pastor Lauren teaching 2 Peter 1:1-4 in Psalm 19 Ministries May 19, 2017. An Excellent teaching!!! Give a listen.



#3 – Activate – Elim Oasis Conference

May 20, 2017

I had intended to write this post when I arrived home yesterday, but I was so tired that I decided you would receive a better summary if I could think clearly. So here we go for the summary of our final day at Conference. I will not try to include everything we heard or even every session for this day – but two of the most outstanding presentations I have ever heard on their topics.

Our First major presentation of the day was by Pastor Carol Ball, Director of Women’s Ministries of Elim and wife of President Christ Ball. Carol is an outstanding preacher of the word and a very effective communicator. She co-Pastored with her husband for 27 years. Her topic was “The Role of Women in Ministry.”

I quote, “Any woman truly called of God only has a heart to fulfill the call God has placed on her life, not to usurp anyone’s authority.”

“A key in the end-time church is for both men and women to be released in freedom of ministry in the world and in the Body of Christ. Only then can we have the true counsel of God.”

She worked to raise an awareness today that the ceiling that has held women in the “under” position in ministry must be broken. Then she did a marvelous tracing through Scripture – beginning with Genesis 1 of the testimony of the Word. “Women were not “cursed” with submission. The only curses were to the ground and to Satan. The things cited there to women were the consequences of her sin. Originally “man” included both.” This is a key point. I rejoiced to see that her research into the Hebrew had produced clarity on this. This is the truth according to the Scriptures.

She then went on to work with the testimony of history and the personal testimony of our own hearts. Everything that produces fruit takes both man and woman. One only has part of the total needed. It takes both of us working side by side in harmony and power to produce the fruit that the Lord intends for His Body to produce.

Carol then worked with Ezekiel 37 and the valley of the dry bones. It was a prophetic teaching that was excellent in every way. She called on the church, specifically the men of Elim, to begin to speak forth the release of the women. To that end, she asked for all men who were willing to speak forth that release to stand. Most stood. (oh glory – my heart was so full of joy – my eyes began to weep). They then repeated a declaration to totally release and to actively train women to be leaders, pastors, teachers and other positions of leadership. The resolute sound of the men echoed throughout the sanctuary, as hundreds of men shouted together! (I sat and wept!)

She closed with an acronym for ACT which is the main word in ACTIVATE.

A – Allow for the release of the women!

C – Call them forth!

T – Take up the charge!

“When men and women function together then the World Wide Revival we all long for can come!”

It was earthshaking and preciously received. I am deeply thankful I am ordained through Elim.

*The last presentation of the conference was by John Spyker. He is an elder in Elim and a missionary in Mexico who has established churches and now teaches in many of them throughout Mexico.

He began by letting us all know of his love for Elim. He attended Elim as an eighteen-year-old (his oldest son also attended Elim and returned to Mexico to lead a large church). He has served as an Elder in Elim for many years.

(For those reading who do not know, Elim is governed by a group of Elders. Three of those Elders are the ones responsible for carrying out the decisions of the Elders – that is the President, Vice-President, and the Secretary – all of which are Elders).

Pastor Spyker spend some time giving us a history of the revivals in the world and then reminded us of Elim’s role among those movements. This was excellent.

He said there are two important sermons to always preach and always have ready to release. Those passages are Acts 2 – Pentecost and Acts 6 – A new way of doing church.

Then he spent the rest of his time working with the importance in that understanding of World Wide Revival. We must always understand that the only way revival comes is  a move of the Holy Spirit. It is His to do. We do not do it – we follow Him. He then outlined the need to have an intimate relationship in Jesus through the Holy Spirit – to nurture that and become that.

The second half was on always expecting the Lord to give us a new way to do church. The same ole’ same ole will not work today nor tomorrow. Just like in Acts, they had to lean into the Spirit for re-arrangement of how to do things – so must we. A new way – a new revival – a new revelation – requires a new way of doing church.

When we move into intimacy with the Holy Spirit, we find within us a new love for the total Body of Christ and unity within her. That will then lead us into a new move and a fresh expression of evangelism.

(This was an excellent conference in every way. Thank you for reading and for commenting as you have been led. It has been an enjoyable experience of posting. I will close this series with the greeting at the end of 2 Corinthians 13:14. It is my heart toward you.

“May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.” NIV

#2 Activate – Elim Oasis Conference

May 17, 2017 – 10:45 pm

Well Dear Readers, it has been a very full day. We were up early and back at the Conference by 8:45 this morning to hear Toby Cavanaugh. His topic was about reaching and developing leadership from the next generation. This statement rather sums his talk up well, “If you want to reach the next generation, you just have to die.” He proceeded to give one of the best and effective teachings I have ever heard on learning to let go of responsibilities and positions and allowing the next generation to step into those very responsibilities and positions. Let go of what you are doing and allow others to lead. It does no good to reach them, train them and then never let them lead. To get them we must be ready to release them.

He spent time going through the emotions and difficulties present leaders have in doing this and why that is so – then worked again on the need to die to all so others can live. It was a powerful time.

(I would love to give long detailed notes on each speaker for today, but it is late and I am very weary. So I will give you a taste of each session).

Next was our “Break-Out session” which was 30 minutes of dynamic teaching by Chris Lonneville, a Senior Pastor, on the whole concept of “Fathering (or Mothering)” the next generation. He described the differences between leaders and fathers. When a leader would take certain action – a father would wait.

He gave us 4 main things needful and necessary:

  1. Give the next generation ownership and then cover them and be their friend the run into difficulty.
  2. Give them grace and space. Expect them to be successful and treat them like the leaders they will be.
  3. Give them authority. Don’t just give them the jobs no one else wants to do, give them important, up front jobs.
  4. You must give away your position and lead as a father.

It was excellent.

The Women’s Lunch speaker was a young mother (has 4 and #5 on the way), named Jen Campbell – from Lockport, NY  –  teaching on what it takes to become a confident woman in Christ.

  1. You have to know who you are and what you are called to do.
  2. You have to know who has called you.

It was down-to-earth and rich in the Word. I particularly loved the way she was so familiar with the Word and moved easily and in revelation through it. She used Mary and Martha in Luke and John. It was deeply meaningful.

The afternoon session was taught by Bishop Doctor Joseph M. Kilioba, the pastor of Doonholm All Nations Gospel Church, a congregation of over 1,500 in Nairobi, Kenya for many years. He is now the General Overseer of PEFA (Pentecostal Evangelism Fellowship of Africa). His thoughtful and thorough presentation on learning to take the dreams the Lord gives us from activation into increase. It was excellent.

My Breakout track was Leadership and we heard Derek Loperfido (Senior Pastor of Community Lighthouse Fellowship in S. Butler, NY. He walked us through the steps that were taken to transition his congregation from having Pastor Chris Ball (our Elim President) from being Pastor of the church to himself who was the Associate. Pastor Ball was in the audience and at the end, Derek called him forward and they did question and answer time.

This was probably the most intense an effective presentation to date – dealing with transitioning from one pastor to another.

The last session of the day, our evening presenter, was Bishop Doctor Isaiah Majok Dau, the general overseer of Sudan Pentecostal Church, in Sudan Africa. His presentation was again on leadership. His beginning statement is a good summary of the presentation, “Everything stands or falls on the Leadership.” It was a sobering presentation and thoughtfully presented.

Our worship today has been in the Lord’s presence. It’s like all are coming ready and longing to worship together. It has been an exciting day!

So now I am weary and must close down and trust my soul to the one who gives us life – I must lay down and sleep to do it all again tomorrow – just with another line-up of outstanding speakers. It will take me months to unravel it all in my being. The Lord is already using it.

Sleep well and stay blessed!

#1 Activate – Elim Oasis Conference

May 16, 2017 10:30 pm

Good Evening Dear Readers,

Joe and I are safe and comfortable in our motel for the evening. We will be here for two more evenings and feel blessed that it is so. Our trip to Elim was delightful together and it was an excellent business meeting at 2 pm. There is a sweet and dynamic (strange for both to be present, but it’s good) sense of oneness and love here. Among those I know and those I have yet to meet, the same unified heart. I sense this in the Spirit. I have not talked about it to anyone except my Joe. What a beautiful thing it is!

We had dinner in a favorite restaurant of mine in the area, “Peppermint” and then on to Elim Gospel Church where the Conference is being held. The church seats over 1,000 so is suited to our needs.

The worship was lively and good! Then it hit – you know when you know the Spirit is busy and everything seems to switch into high gear! It was wonderful and again the sweet dynamic power sweeping over us. One of the Apostles of the Faith-affiliated with Elim from the Sudan in Africa began to walk the aisles of the auditorium, blessing the Lord. It was a very special 5-10 minute period of unrestrained, unbelievable worship.

Our speaker for the evening was our President, Chris Ball. Chris and his wife Carol are very special to me for they were the leaders of my region and ordained me in my local body at the time. I have watched both of them grow and grow and grow in the Spirit and release others in the process. So, now that he is President (and Carol the Women’s Ministry leader) I was looking forward to hearing what the Lord would lead him to give us.

He taught on the leadership principles he has found in Nehemiah and he had several very excellent things to share, but his main title was “52 Days – Keeping Your Dream From Becoming A Pipe Dream.” The main focus was that “Dreams are important to God” and he listed 5 things that will keep our dreams alive and effective.

He reminded us often that “faith without action will not cause the dream to move into reality” because “faith without works is dead.” So very true and so good.

  1. Get your “dream” or commission from God. There is no substitute for this. You must know what you are to do from Him – not from anything you want to do, nor any dream He has given to others. Get your assignment from Heaven.
  2. Take good assessments. Look at what is happening and ask the hard questions. Find out why it’s working or why it is not being productive. Re-assess often.
  3. Look for agreement – work within relationships and look for those who can build with you.
  4. Stay accountable. It may be your dream or assignment, but you must work it through others. Stay accountable in all areas.
  5. Be filled with appreciation for all who serve. Never hesitate to say “thank you.” Appreciation is one of the keys to becoming productive in the Spirit.

His word from the Lord to us was – “MULTIPLY!” He said it over and over again and had us say it over and over again.

It was a wonderful lesson on leadership – taken straight out of Nehemiah.

Wish all of you were here with me. It is a very fine conference – plan on coming next year. Good night – write more tomorrow evening. Bless you.