#1 Activate – Elim Oasis Conference

May 16, 2017 10:30 pm

Good Evening Dear Readers,

Joe and I are safe and comfortable in our motel for the evening. We will be here for two more evenings and feel blessed that it is so. Our trip to Elim was delightful together and it was an excellent business meeting at 2 pm. There is a sweet and dynamic (strange for both to be present, but it’s good) sense of oneness and love here. Among those I know and those I have yet to meet, the same unified heart. I sense this in the Spirit. I have not talked about it to anyone except my Joe. What a beautiful thing it is!

We had dinner in a favorite restaurant of mine in the area, “Peppermint” and then on to Elim Gospel Church where the Conference is being held. The church seats over 1,000 so is suited to our needs.

The worship was lively and good! Then it hit – you know when you know the Spirit is busy and everything seems to switch into high gear! It was wonderful and again the sweet dynamic power sweeping over us. One of the Apostles of the Faith-affiliated with Elim from the Sudan in Africa began to walk the aisles of the auditorium, blessing the Lord. It was a very special 5-10 minute period of unrestrained, unbelievable worship.

Our speaker for the evening was our President, Chris Ball. Chris and his wife Carol are very special to me for they were the leaders of my region and ordained me in my local body at the time. I have watched both of them grow and grow and grow in the Spirit and release others in the process. So, now that he is President (and Carol the Women’s Ministry leader) I was looking forward to hearing what the Lord would lead him to give us.

He taught on the leadership principles he has found in Nehemiah and he had several very excellent things to share, but his main title was “52 Days – Keeping Your Dream From Becoming A Pipe Dream.” The main focus was that “Dreams are important to God” and he listed 5 things that will keep our dreams alive and effective.

He reminded us often that “faith without action will not cause the dream to move into reality” because “faith without works is dead.” So very true and so good.

  1. Get your “dream” or commission from God. There is no substitute for this. You must know what you are to do from Him – not from anything you want to do, nor any dream He has given to others. Get your assignment from Heaven.
  2. Take good assessments. Look at what is happening and ask the hard questions. Find out why it’s working or why it is not being productive. Re-assess often.
  3. Look for agreement – work within relationships and look for those who can build with you.
  4. Stay accountable. It may be your dream or assignment, but you must work it through others. Stay accountable in all areas.
  5. Be filled with appreciation for all who serve. Never hesitate to say “thank you.” Appreciation is one of the keys to becoming productive in the Spirit.

His word from the Lord to us was – “MULTIPLY!” He said it over and over again and had us say it over and over again.

It was a wonderful lesson on leadership – taken straight out of Nehemiah.

Wish all of you were here with me. It is a very fine conference – plan on coming next year. Good night – write more tomorrow evening. Bless you.

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