This picture was taken on Saturday afternoon late, as we prepared to close down for a couple of days. John Hernandez is doing some finishing touches on the door facings in readiness for paint to follow tomorrow and through-out the rest of the week. All the priming is completed and we have almost eliminated the blue trim that was everywhere. So it is coming along nicely.

We have ordered the carpet, and await the plummer. There is much ahead, but the basic readiness has been completed. John H., his wife Diane, and myself (+Joe when he has been able to be with us) have done much this past week. Now for the new year we are praying it is completed in record time, so we can move in and be ready for the 8th of February.

Oh yes, I am now posting from my MacBook. What a difference! It is so easy to post pictures, and work with text — much easier than my PC and much faster. It is a joy to work with the blog now instead of always a hassle of some sort from the programs. Also, my last podcast was done on the MacBook with GarageBand. It too is wonderfully easy to use. I am so delighted. I plan to be much more productive with all this in 2008. The MacBook was definitely a good idea.

We have most of Psalm 19 Ministry now beginning to work with iMac. It will take some time for the total conversion to take place, but our new machines are Mac’s. To our supporters, the last flyer you received as a Thank You was developed on my MacBack. Again, I did it with such ease that it was a total joy to do!

Stay tuned.

This was taken a week or so ago. Sorry, I did not take any pictures today. I will take one of this same area tomorrow so you can see the difference. The picture is of the back office (Joe’s and CD copy area etc…) with the storage area in front. It is to the back left of the Center as one will look at our platform. This now has folding doors (very nice ones) and all the wall board is primed. Oh how different it looks.

The Center is taking shape and every time I enter the building, my spirit gets very excited. Our Lord is going to do some great things with us here. Stay tuned — more tomorrow evening — at least I will try.

The walls only go so far up as you can see in the picture. This keeps us from running into enormous problems with lighting, heating, and sprinkling systems. This solved many possible problems for us.

When you think of us — we appreciate prayer that we get everything done and pass all the needed code elements. Bless you for reading.

Making Great Progress…

As you can clearly see, we are making great progress. I say “we” but it is really the crew of wonderful volunteers that is getting it all done. John and Diane Hernandez, my husband-Joe, Faye DeJohn as well as several others — all giving tirelessly of their time and their energies to get this accomplished. I get to do little stuff, and I was away for 5 days on a “time away” period, so I really have not done much of the building etc. So much was accomplished while I was away. I am so blessed.

Stay tuned — more to come. I will probably have quite a bit of time to blog during the next week or so, if that is true, then I will have several entries.

Bless you for reading.

Keep praying as there is still much, much to do.