To See…

“…the commandment of the Lord is pure, enlightening the eyes.” Psalm 19: 8b

In this section of Psalm 19, we are discovering what the Word will do. I am amazed at us. We think we can live out the relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ, on our own, so to speak. Oh we would not say that, and we would give lip service to the Word, but so many do not realize that their “level” (for lack of a better word) of understanding within this relationship depends on the attitude toward and intake of Scripture.

Our Lord’s words are pure. They are clean, pure, safe, refreshing, and how we see them determines everything in our walk as believers.

Here we are told that our Lord’s commandment “enlightens” the eyes. The word here means to illuminate, and also is used as a fountain, or the source of what is received. In Ephesians 1:18, in Paul’s Holy Spirit breathed prayer for the recipients of his letter, He writes, “the eyes of your understanding being enlightened;….” In order to understand the Word, we must “see” it with the enlightenment that comes only from the Lord through the Scripture itself. If we choose not to explore His writings, we choose to be limited in our seeing.

Wanting to know, needing to become wise, desiring more of my Lord expressed in my life — all these “wants” are wonderful. We use many ways to try to answer them and to allow within what will cause change. In reality all we need is more “seeing” of the Word. I hesitate to say “more Word” because many do the “Word thing” who never “see.” So it is not just reading, studying, praying the Word, it is interacting with the Holy Spirit in it and letting His Spirit knowings penetrate the fiber of me as I learn to “see” what He is saying. The Word is the way, but not just in the form it comes to us. We must become its fiber as it becomes ours. This is supernatural and exciting. Then we learn the truth of “more Word” and we “see.”


I have recorded and uploaded another podcast. Please click the link on the side bar to connect with the recording (or click the mic picture to the right). The recording level is much better this time (some up and down with it, but finally got the right level) and I will get a mic that has a breath shield so the “pops” of breath will not be heard. However, please forgive them on this one.

Thank you so much for listening. I am enjoying the process of recording. It has been along time since I have done radio work, and this reminds me of that. However, it is a bit more relaxed because I can make the teachings as short or long as I feel I need to instead of having to produce a certain number of minutes and seconds worth of talk. This is much more relaxed. I am having fun. Thanks for sharing in it with me.

“The statutes of the Lord are right, rejoicing the heart:…” Psalm 19:8a

Just think of it. The word of the Lord, in all its “rightness,” makes our hearts fill with joy. Isn’t that what the Scripture says? I find that amazingly interesting. We hear so much of the nature of our flesh finding joy and satisfaction (though none of it real and lasting) in the things of the world, that this Scripture just flies in the face of our “humble” doctrines.

Just think about it. The very rightness of the Word creates a joy bubble in our heart. To read and to laugh; to read and to delight; to read and to embrace with and in great joy; these are not what we hear. Much is made of the difficulty of living in Christ, but the balance is seldom heard.

Oh yes, there are times of difficulty, but beloved one reading this, let us also allow a new attitude of mind to arise in us. An attitude that is in line with this Scripture. As we read, may we get a daily dose of joy. Then we begin to know the reality that the “joy of the Lord is our strength.” We become renewed in the attitude of our minds that this is a joy-filled life. Not a life anchored in sadness, but a life released in joy. The very word of God is the book I need to read to allow joy to rise in my heart and life. What a wonderful built-in surprise.

Read and laugh. Hear and rejoice. Embrace the Word and be blessed!

Good News! Good News!

It is truly Good News!

Psalm 19 Ministries Institute of Biblical Studies has been granted full academic fellowship with the International Educational Fellowship of Biblical Life College and Seminary.

This means that any of our students who choose to enroll in Biblical Life College and Seminary are able to transfer completed on-site courses with us that can be converted into semester hours with Biblical Life. This is such a huge development! Several Bible Institutes have been receiving our courses, and we are ever so grateful for the courtesies they continue to extend to us. This however, is an official affiliation that grants our students further educational opportunities if they choose them on the college level.

My heart overflows with thankfulness to our King who continues to work His wonders among us.! This is a bouquet of roses (or iris’) in my heart.

The official statement of academic fellowship along with the accreditation Biblical Life holds will be posted shortly on our web site.

Thank you for rejoicing with me. The Institute of Biblical Studies is a special part of me, and I am elated in every way with this certificate I have in my hands (soon to be on my office wall).

To God be the glory; great things He continually does!