“The statutes of the Lord are right, rejoicing the heart:…” Psalm 19:8a

Just think of it. The word of the Lord, in all its “rightness,” makes our hearts fill with joy. Isn’t that what the Scripture says? I find that amazingly interesting. We hear so much of the nature of our flesh finding joy and satisfaction (though none of it real and lasting) in the things of the world, that this Scripture just flies in the face of our “humble” doctrines.

Just think about it. The very rightness of the Word creates a joy bubble in our heart. To read and to laugh; to read and to delight; to read and to embrace with and in great joy; these are not what we hear. Much is made of the difficulty of living in Christ, but the balance is seldom heard.

Oh yes, there are times of difficulty, but beloved one reading this, let us also allow a new attitude of mind to arise in us. An attitude that is in line with this Scripture. As we read, may we get a daily dose of joy. Then we begin to know the reality that the “joy of the Lord is our strength.” We become renewed in the attitude of our minds that this is a joy-filled life. Not a life anchored in sadness, but a life released in joy. The very word of God is the book I need to read to allow joy to rise in my heart and life. What a wonderful built-in surprise.

Read and laugh. Hear and rejoice. Embrace the Word and be blessed!

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  • Hey Iris, What Joy 🙂 to read your blog. The idea of the righteous Word bringing JOY to the heart is so true. Sinc emy anointing, Iris, I’ve read and understood more than I ever did before. I’m finishing Galatians in my Bible Class which I teach here in our Apt. Bldg. and begin Ephesians on Sept. 12th. Exciting and joyous. Class is smsll and we are getting some flack from unbelievers but I am claiming them for Christ and looking forward to God drawing them to himself. Expecting GREAT things to happen here at Vintage. Love to think of the bouquets of Iris’ in your heart.. they have such a piquant fragrance. (Synomym-pungent) Do you agree? Praising God with your concerning the grant of ‘full academic fellowship with IEFBLC & Seminary. God bless you and yours in all the wonderful teaching and work going on with Psalm 19.

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