I wanted you to see the “end of the matter.” In my last post, I used this flower bed to write about beginnings and endings. Now here is the “ending” picture. On a day when I was raking the last of the leaves this season, I captured this bed once again. It has bloomed all during its season, and as you can see the dandelions are still very busy. However, the season is completed and the enjoyment this bed gave to me and the neighbors was delightful. So now I rake the leaves and prepare the bed for winter. A season of rest is now due.

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“For you were formerly darkness, but now light in the Lord: live as children of light:(for the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness and righteousness and truth;)approving (discerning) what is pleasing unto the Lord.” Ephesians 5:8-10 (KJV base with adjustments for better understanding from the Greek by Iris)

As I visited with the Lord on what we should share from His Word, He brought to mind a concept that He has been teaching me. The above verses do apply to that understanding as we will see. The concept is this: our Lord’s empowerment in us supplies what is needed for us to participate in Him (with Him, through Him) to accomplish the work of His heart in all matters. He usually does not do things by Himself but waits for one of us to “see” and “move” to accomplish those things with Him. That is because we are His Body. So as one not separate from Him, but organically in Him, we are led in Spirit to walk hand-in-hand, (heart-in-heart) with Him to do what He is doing.

We were all once people who lived in spiritual darkness. We did not understand through His Spirit and could not be led by Him in any way. But now, through Christ, we have been enveloped into His heart and Body. So we are as He is – light! Therefore we are to live that way – in light and as light. Verse 9 then gives us a way to judge as to whether something is of Spirit or not – for that which is of Spirit is goodness, righteousness, and truth! What a lens to see and live through! Because we are light, we can “see” what the Spirit needs and wants, and to obediently participate. That is what obedience is – Spiritual participation in His nature to accomplish His heart. Our ability to do that is found in faith – trust that He is leading and revealing. As we follow, more and more is revealed.

In this way, we approve, discern, prove, allow, test, and interact in what is pleasing in Him. Without our participation, much will remain for another to pick up. Our Lord works His way and heart among us, but what joy it brings to Him and us when we choose to do it with Him!

Thank you Lord Jesus, for loving us and empowering us to live “with” you in all we do. It almost too wonderful to grasp – you long for our participation in all you do. Amazing!