Christmas Blessings to All!

I have not forgotten my blog, nor my blogging friends. I have several ideas churning in the prayer closet for the continuance of this “Submission” theme, because it is very important in our spiritual lives.

However, today, I just want to refer you to my web site where I have placed our video of our Psalm 19 Christmas Celebration. I think you will enjoy the lesson the Lord gave.

I will be back in a day or so.

Faith’s Response

My last teaching in the “possess The Land” series is now up on our web site. It is Faith’s Response. For those of you who have chosen to follow – Enjoy. If you have yet to watch -give it a go – you will be glad you did. ¬†Go to:

More on the “submission” topic soon. Right now I am preparing for a trip to Hamilton, Ont., Canada for a week-end of ministry at the Joshua Center. Prayers are so appreciated. Lauren is driving and will be leading some worship.