Institute Begins

What a wonderful event!!! The Psalm 19 Ministries Institute of Biblical Studies begins its 11th year tomorrow evening. That is worth celebrating – so I do.

We are offering two classes – New Testament Survey with Lauren as the teacher, and Revelation – that one I am teaching. I look forward to the maturity levels of all of us rising beyond where we have been. The Word will always bring forth a person like Jesus. Amazing!

3 thoughts on “Institute Begins

  • Hello Iris, I would so love to take one of your classes and intend to do so in for future. I am currently taking two grad courses and will finish up with my Thesis/Project by next December. I hope so anyway. Time is very limited, but my plan is to take that revelation course you are teaching perhaps next time around. 🙂 I love your teaching.

    • I look forward to having you as an extension student. I am very excited about the course. We have a great class enrolled, so it looks to be very exciting. By the way, this class will be available anytime on DVD or CD. So you need not wait until the “next time around” to be a part. When your schedule clears some – feel free to take a course.

  • Hi Iris:

    Am enjoying the NT class and Friday Fellowship as always. Was wondering whether you are familiar with HootSuite. It is a free tool that would allow you to schedule posts (including items from your blog or website) on Twitter and/or Facebook. I’d be happy to share more info if you’re interested. Blessings, Monica Johns

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