Psalm 19 Tonight!

Our regularly scheduled Psalm 19 meeting is tonight. We will gather from many different denominations to worship our Lord Jesus Christ and eat at the table of His word. Then we will fellowship and enjoy Him. Our worship leader for tonight is guest, Christina Mancuso from the Church of the Resurrection, East Syracuse, and our preacher/teacher for the evening is my daughter, (pictured here playing base guitar) Lauren.

We are in for a special evening as both young ladies are anointed and gifted in the Holy Spirit. I am excited to be there. Normally when Lauren speaks, I am away, but this was planned this way due to my busy schedule. It gives me a rare opportunity to be present when I am not speaking. I am delighted!

I realize I have not yet summarized last evenings teaching for you as promised, but it is coming. I was just away from my computer all day. Those of you who read before 7-9 pm EST, join us in prayer for a wonderful evening in our Lord.

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