Fellowship Sweetness

I thought we might all enjoy a touch of spring – on this snowy, cold night in Central NYS. In a few months iris’ like these will be growing in my flower beds. I look so forward to seeing them. A friend gave me such beautiful bulbs a couple of summer’s ago and the bed is beautiful in the spring.

Class seemed to go very well last evening. We had such a good time together with the Passover with a special emphasis on its original purpose and noticing how the Lord in His last Passover supper before His death, made use of at least one of the traditions – the cup of wine (or new wine it would have probably been).

We had a good time working with the fulfillment of it in Christ and then ended with our own Passover Supper the way Jesus told us to share to remember that He died for us and is coming again. It was really an appointment of the old Passover into the realized one we call communion. It was a sweet time of sharing with Him, in Him and together. The Lord blessed us so. That class is composed of folk from 6 different denominations. We experienced “miracle” together. The Body of Christ is truly one in Spirit. He made us so.

I am teaching tomorrow night at my local church’s mid-week service. My Pastor has asked that I teach a series on “Building a Community.” Tomorrow evening is the first of 5 sessions with the adults. I will try to post a summary on Friday so those of you who choose to do so can share with us.

4 thoughts on “Fellowship Sweetness

  • Thank you so much Iris for sharing this. Today was a day with Holy Spirit presence flowing in abundance. Going into this part of the year always does something in my heart. I found myself in quiet contemplation as though something in me was telling me to slow down, pay attention, and experience what is happening in my heart. The Lord is preparing our hearts for these next 40 days leading up to the resurrection. For some reason things seem to have deeper meaning to me this year. I appreciate so much the richness of the Life of Christ; his unshakable love for us and all he went through for our salvation. I am finding myself drawn more to the meaning than the actual event. God is so wonderful.

  • I am looking forward to reading what you are going to share on Friday as well. I pray the Lord touch you this Lenten season in ways you have never dreamed of. Blessings my friend and servant in the Lord.

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