Tonight I am teaching Lesson #3 in our Institute class “The Feasts of the Lord.” I am approaching the study as a discovery for us of what Christ has done and how these are fulfilled in Him. The one thing that is very, very clear is that the Lord intends for us to be a people of celebration. Israel of old were a people of joy and celebration when they followed Him. He organized their years by the marking of His work among them and then instituted celebrations.

The first lesson was an overall introduction to the Feasts, and last week we discovered how the understanding of the Sabbath is basic to all understanding of the works of God. We discovered that Jesus is our Sabbath and all He is calls us to trust Him and rest. All our work is to be done out of rest and faith. We had a good time with it.

Tonight I am working with Passover. It is, of course, easy to connect the dots with this one, but it is the beginning of the Spring Festivals and lays the ground work for all of the blessings through the sacrifice of Christ Jesus our Lord. I look forward to it. The KeyNote (Mac’s Power Point) is ready and now I go to the notebooks and read and let the Lord show me His intended emphasis for tonight.

One big thing we are looking at in Scripture is the difference between what is commanded for them and what traditions have developed. The prophecies of Christ are found in the Scripture structure, not necessarily in the traditions. Although at times those too are incorporated in the New Testament celebrations. It will be interesting I think, and hopefully we will rejoice and celebrate through it all.

8 thoughts on “Celebrate!

    • We did not do a traditional Seder. Instead we had communion – as that is the way the Lord ended His last Passover Supper. Our hearts were brought into our time and His fulfillment. It was sweet.

      • I have tried to comment on your blog but continue to get blocked. I think it is something on my end. I have deactivated my facebook account, so wanted to let you know I appreciate your blogging.

  • Iris, how I wish I could be there to share in the richness the Lord is bringing to your table. I am finding some here also, but my heart is drawn to the church during these times. Would love to get a hold of some more of your teachings if you have anything available that I don’t already have. I miss you.

    • Please feel free to email me a list of the CD’s you have from me and I will get a list of those that are new. I am always teaching and it is usually recorded. We now have DVD’s available also for those who would like them – same price.

  • Iris, will you be broadcasting any of your DVDs if so let me know where I can go to view them.

    I would love a copy of what you are currently teaching.

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