4 thoughts on “Blogging Remotely

  • Very nice look Iris. Love your hair and the new glasses. You look great! 🙂 Hope this new program works for you.

    • Hi much2ponder – Friend,
      It has promise and is delightful to work with. I had some eye trouble in October and had to return to glasses instead of contacts for several months. I have chosen to just keep the glasses. The hair, well that is always a journey for me, but I would like to wear it a bit longer than I have for years and have it a bit more feminine. We will see what that does over the next few months.
      I do need to redo my photo associated with the blog. Maybe I will have a few minutes to work with that.
      Good to hear from you!

  • Hi Iris! Thanks for visiting and commenting at my blog 🙂

    How’s your remote blogging? I checked the website – is it not blogging from a mobile?

    • I use a laptop-a MacBook. I think it may be a Mac only ap – not sure. One probably could use it for Backberry etc… but I use my laptop for most. So it is working nicely.
      Thanks for stopping by.

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