Great Beginning!

Tonight was the worship/concert led by Kim Walker-Smith and her band at Elim Gospel Church. It was a joy and privilege to be present.

Reylene Van Gelden (one of the Psalm 19 Board of Directors and ordained through Harvest Ministries) and I went to Elim Gospel Church for the worship and we are here through the Elim Leadership Conference ending Thursday Evening. I had promised my Prayer Warriors who receive my Prayer Letters via email each week that I would try to blog to conference. So this is the beginning of that.

The building (seats about 1,000) was filled, and we finally found seats. Then it began – much more worship than concert and the young lady did a wonderful job of leading us. (I  know the photo is blurred, but my cell phone at least got something of the setting).The young people there were delighted, excited and could dance in the way I no longer attempt to do. It was well work our time to be there. This is the church of tomorrow and they love the Lord very much. To see them engaged in worship was a delight to our hearts. They loved the music, but that was not their point of engagement. They were worshipping our Lord Jesus Christ. Awesome to be there and to worship with them – even though we did sit some of the time and were much less active than most of them – still we had a marvelous time and were blessed in Jesus. Most of the lyrics of the songs were very good.  There is a new wave of sound theologically accurate lyrics coming. This is getting there.

We will attend the Business Meeting of the Fellowship tomorrow afternoon and then the full conference gets underway with Robert Morris speaking tomorrow evening. Come along. I will try to post the highlights here each evening.

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