What a strange title! Yes, but what a precious word. Having allowed, by invitation, the Lord Jesus to live within, then He is always “with.” We are never alone, never isolated, never left out. Now you see why this word is precious.  The Lord’s words, “And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” (Matt.28:20b – NIV 2011) in Matthew are very clear.

When He originally said these words, He was speaking in reference to what is generally called “the great commission.”  He was letting the Apostles know He had all authority (as the risen King) and as they went (not so much a command but an instruction of action that is to govern our goings and comings of life), they were to understand He would empower their obedience to share. His authority and His presence with us is an undeniable power far beyond  human capacity. Now all our “goings” become a “with” and in the “with” they are empowered for what He has said for us to be busy doing – making disciples, baptizing them, teaching them obedience – all this encased in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

He never leaves us alone, and He never fails to empower obedience in us. When disobedience occurs, then we have chosen (which He will always allow) to do what He has not chosen. He still stays “with.” We are in covenant and so He is with each one of us for the long haul. Simply put – “with.”

Such love and mercy is beyond my mind’s capability. Yet, I trust. He is “with” me – He is “with” you always. Precious – “with.”

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