Resurrection Day has come and gone. Now we await Pentecost. Brothers and Sisters, let’s truly await the explosion of the Holy Spirit among us. He has not changed in intent,purpose or power since the first outpouring when the church of our Beloved Lord was born. Now let’s open and allow His total infilling and power to overtake us and release us in His ways and giftings in power.

I have been reading a book on expository preaching written by some outstanding preachers in our world and I am only in the second section of the book and already massive unbelief about the Baptism of the Holy Spirit has raised its ugly head in the name of scholarship. Man’s thinking is not God’s! When will we ever learn it is not our wisdom, logic, reasoning nor doctrine that is preformed by the Lord Jesus through the Holy Spirit. When will we learn to believe the Word and His illumination on that Word.

I will not finish the book. I would love to read a good expository preaching book that is Biblical. All the ones that have some value have a problem with the Holy Spirit’s Baptism. At least all those I have found. If the preacher does not lean deeply on the Holy Spirit, experience His Baptism, gifts and fullness – how in the world does he/she know anything about the presentation of God’s truth through the anointing? Oh by the way, the book has a whole chapter on the essentialness of the Holy Spirit in expository preaching, but no expansion on that thought nor way to access Him except normal ways of struggling prayer.

It is His fullness and His anointing and His Baptism that we need!

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