Exciting and Fantastic

The time here at Elim is very rewarding. I am getting to see a lot of folk that I only get to see during such an event. I am totally enjoying myself. However, I cannot attend all the sessions, so I am only able to give you what this body can do. But the reports of folk are exciting and fantastic – even of those I have needed to miss. (If one takes in all the sessions – they must be younger and able to maintain longer times without “time out.” So I lean into those to find out about what I have  to miss. Also I will catch up with DVD’s I will purchase).

The business meeting of Elim Fellowship was a good one. This is one of my priorities because I learn much about what is going on and I am all ears and eyes about how such meetings are conducted – I always want to learn). The president of Elim Fellowship, Ron Burigo, give a opening devotional on the theme (Focus) of the conference that was exceedingly good. The gist of it is:

Change demands Focus. Focus is essential to embrace change. Take God’s word that He has given you and focus on it. Going from glory to glory is the result of focus. To focus is to adjust the lens of the vision. Change requires vision. Hebrews 12:1-4 – to “fix” one’s eyes is to focus. Hebrews 6:10-15 – God is not one to forget our work. “Strengthening the leader, to equip the church, to reach the world” – that is the motto of Elim Fellowship. That is what we are all about.

Robert Morris was the speaker for our evening session and for two sessions this morning that I did not hear. (later) His photo is above. He was exceedingly good and accurate with the Word. Of course that really blessed me. The gist of his sermon:

We are to work with Genesis 2:19 and 1 Samuel 17:4 (both passages – not just the verse) One of his very good comments was “Sin makes us stupid.” Really good. When we work with the Word, He makes us more intelligent that we really are in the natural.

He worked with “theology” and the need for it, especially as we are teaching the next generation. We must teach the truth about God and who He really is. He related a story of when he was on vacation – on a cruse ship – and reading a “fun” book. He looked up at an Alaskan scene that was before him and wonder filled his heart. The Lord spoke to Him, “I need you.” Bro. Morris began to argue because he knows his theology and knows that God needs nothing. Yet, the Lord began to reveal that through-out scripture, except for the creation, He does nothing without man. God in his sovereignty has chosen to need man.

There were three main points: 1) God (in reality) needs nothing. 2) God decided to need you – He does not need me to exist on my own, but He needs me to co-exist with Him. 3) Have you decided to need God. There were three main sub-points under #3. a) God is never going to do our part. b) Our part is never supernatural. c) God has done His work, now He waits for us to partner with Him. He moves after we trust Him.

It was very, very good. I said “Amen” often. Those of you reading who have been attending our Friday Fellowships, know this is right along the avenues the Lord has been leading us to teach. It was such confirmation of where the Lord is leading us in teaching.

This morning I have rested. I will attend the Ladies Luncheon at noon, a workshop in the afternoon and then the evening session with Lisa Bevere teaching. Have an awesome day and thanks so for reading.

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