Spring is Coming!

Spring is showing herself in my front flower garden! These miniature iris’s are blooming and so beautiful. They are exceedingly tiny; only a couple of inches across. What a beautiful wonder they are.
I have updated the Psalm 19 Ministries web site and on it you will find my weekly prayer letter (click on Prayer). If you have not signed up to receive that letter weekly in your inbox, you can do so right on the site. It is my plan to put it on the web each week. However, last week that did not happen. So the best way to know what is happening in my life and in the ministry is to receive the prayer letter by email.
This coming week-end is our Winter Conference and Lauren (Rev. Lauren) and I are the teachers. The Lord is giving us such good words to share, I pray you are among those coming. Check out the details on our web site. I am going to try to blog through it and let you have a sense of the flavor of the time. Our Lord always graces us with such wonderful presence and fellowship that it is hard to describe, but I will try to give it a go.
Tonia Thornton is leading our worship for each session and those who know her know we are in for an awesome time of worship. So stay tuned (Friday – Sunday) by just checking here during those days.
I love the promise of Spring.

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