Snowy Day

Well we thought some early springtime might have arrived – but this morning proved that it just ain’t so – at least for now. Yesterday the temps were in the low 50’s, now it is 31. So we slug along (pun intended). I had thought yesterday, I would need to wear something a bit lighter for Sunday morning worship than what I had been wearing. That was another “ain’t so. It has been snowing a very fine, wet snow for hours. The roads and walkways are very dangerous but Hubby and I got home safely. I am very thankful.

I am also very thankful for the day. You know – weather is weather and it doesn’t make or break my day. Oh a number of items are determined by it, but not the goodness of my day, nor the goodness of my Lord, nor my appointment in His heart – nor, nor, nor, – I could go on and on. It does give us something to talk about, but we probably should be saying something of blessing instead of complaining about the weather. Remember, weather is just weather. I do enjoy being able to wrap up in my throw and allow the warmth of our home to envelop me. Hey look at this! I am getting some blog writing done.

I bless you if you choose to stop here and read today. I have been amiss about writing much on this blog. Must get with it. It seems to get crowded out with the other demands of studying, writing and teaching. Must not forget the writing part.

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