Examine These Things

Beloved ones in our Lord Jesus, I am thinking of the folk in Berea when Paul visited them on his missionary journey and they examined the Scriptures to see if what he was teaching was really true. That is why some schools are named “Berean.” It is a good thing to examine.

One of the sad things I observe in our churches today is the high level of Biblical illiteracy. It is so high that Pastor’s and Bible teachers cannot be certain their audiences have a way to examine what is spoken. We seem to be moved if the music is just so (dependent upon what I like) and the Pastor pays enough attention to me, then I receive what he says. He (she) knows the word so I will just listen. We have so separated ourselves as individuals from the reading and study of the Word of God, that or “normal” church folk have no idea how to find anything within the Book.

I do believe in being evangelistic, so there is always a place for the beginning basics, however, somehow we in our churches must bridge the gap and incite through our teaching a hunger and a thirst to know the Book and its pages. How can we examine, if we have no measure by which to examine?

A number of years ago I was teaching in one of my ministries’ most popular retreats. There was a sweet Christian lady on the front row with a big Bible stuffed with all kinds of paper. It had a cover and showed much wear and tear. I announced a beginning Scripture (in was in Genesis) and our sweet, precious Christian lady could not find it. By the way, she was in her 40’s, and had been in a prominent full-gospel church for many years. I was so struck by this that I re-arranged my entire teaching, realizing she was not alone in my audience.

How very sad, sad, sad. As we (as Pastors and teachers) sit with our Bibles with our Jesus, may we seek to learn how to flow in Spirit in our teachings in such a way that they are “salty” and make folk thirsty. Only the Spirit can make that difference. Lord help us know it is more than data that you need to get into folk – it is Spirit and truth.

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