Winter Wonderland

This has been the scene in our yard for several days. More “lake effect” snow today has only added to the Winter Wonderland atmosphere. However, praise our Lord it is warmer today – almost 30 degrees. Weather is weather and I am just grateful to be able to enjoy it – regardless of what “it” is.

Our Friday Fellowship last evening was well attended so that added to the sweetness. Our worship and the teaching all were experiences in the Holy Spirit’s sweet kindness as we choose to love the Lord Jesus Christ together and listen to His life-giving word. We have an awesome Lord and I am so grateful. I hope you have taken a look at the new web site for Psalm 19 Ministries. I do not have all the pages up as yet, but they will be coming. I pray it blesses you as well as informs you of what all is happening in Psalm 19. It is cold outside, but inside it is warm and enfolding.

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