Well – It is March After All

This shows the iris’ a couple of days ago as a 2-3″ snow fall decided we needed more of the pretty white stuff in Central NY. It was beautiful and the iris’ are fine even though it is a bit cold outside.

We are all really ready for spring, sunshine (although we have had sun today Yeah!), and the feeling of warmth from the sun. It is on its way. The sun is now higher in the sky and coming at us a bit more to the east instead of being almost to our south. So as the robins peck away at the yard, we know the warmth is coming and we take heart.

I am teaching tonight at my local church’s mid-week service (Church of the Resurrection, East Syracuse, NY and so today has been in study both for that and for the conference beginning tomorrow evening (Psalm 19’s). Have a good evening and I do hope to blog the conference. Stay tuned and bless you.

One thought on “Well – It is March After All

  • Good Morning Iris

    Am praying for you and all those at the conference, that our Lord will be glorified. I am looking forward to seeing the DVDs

    Your pictures of the flowers is a snap shot of hope for Spring!

    Love in Jesus


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