We are so very privileged to be able to know the Lord Jesus, to be drawn into His heart moment by moment and then enfolded and accepted as we are. We are privileged to have our sins washed completely away by the blood of the Lamb and be graced with belonging to Almighty God through our Lord Jesus!

Those facts are just awesome in every way. I am a blessed woman! I know the above is true – all the time, but for me this morning is just is so delightful to enjoy.

Last evening I was gifted with a ticket (and the company of a friend) to see Riverdance (live) at a local theater. It was so very, very good. If you want to watch some of it, you can google the name and several items available on YouTube will come up. I have chosen not to post one here, but did enjoy watching them again. However, on camera can never do them justice. They are so very good and precise and their live music was beyond good.

Today I do have some items on my plate to get finished and I will be using the time to listen to what He will speak to me, so I will know how to order my presentations coming next month. He is so very, very faithful! Join me in praising Him and delighting in His company today.

2 thoughts on “Privileged

  • Singing Owl, How you bless me by reading and by commenting. You are such a blessing. It was such fun. This entire spring season holds such promise in my heart. It is a busy one, but very, very good.

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