Rejoicing in the Word

I am studying for an hour of the Old Testament Survey Course in our Institute. I am to teach Isaiah. Lauren asked me to do this when the course began because I have taught an Institute course on the book. So I am cramming review into me this afternoon. Saved Power Points really help. (And Mac’s Keynote opens them great!)

Our Friday Fellowship went very well and we enjoyed our time of worship. Then we took apart Romans 7 & the first few verses of chapter 8. What an awesome passage. We reveled in the love of our Lord for us to rescue us from sin and to release us from “this man of death.” Then, of course, we enjoyed our time of fellowship.

I had hoped to put the teaching on my web site via the DVD uploaded to YouTube. However, my computer programs are incompatible with the DVD’s format. My husband will have to work with it in his programs to save it over to one I can work with. I am still working with this possibility. It will just take a few more steps than I had thought. Oh well. I want to be able to put them on the web to make the teaching much more available. Those of you who read, please pray that we find an acceptable way to do this.

Back to Isaiah. Tomorrow is The Feast of Trumpets – Institute Course.

One thought on “Rejoicing in the Word

  • One way to make the whole DVD available on the web is to make an ISO image of the DVD on your hard drive and then upload the file to a “bit torrent” site where the whole world will be able to access and download it, then burn their own DVDs from it with your original format intact. Many sites offer free memberships, but you should avoid the ones that offer copyrighted or sinful material. A good legal site is: and there are many other clean sites too.

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