This lovely violet of mine is telling us all that it is “almost Spring.” My heart loves this season (body loves the warmth that is coming also). It is such a time of renewal and looking forward to green and flowers and trees and warmth and and and. It also feels like that in the Spirit. I know He is not limited to our earthly cycles, yet when we begin to feel the “up” of spring right around the corner, I think we are more open to what He is doing in us. We become expectant people – those anticipating good. So we become much more open to hearing things from the Lord. At least it seems that way.

Easter helps us. It just does. We know all about the resurrection during the winter months. It is not new to those of us with Biblical backgrounds and ministry in our blood. Yet, when Easter comes, there is an excitement that just overflows in us. This is healthy and good.

I teach that the Father thinks cyclically (based on Isaiah 55:6-11 – I may need to do a series of posts on that), so the seasons are a part of what He does. I am teaching “The Feasts of the Lord” in our Bible Institute right now, so am very aware of how the seasons of the year played a big role in ancient Israel’s life and God appointed celebrations. Even though today we are not bound by the same agriculture state of mind and limitation, yet the seasons are very good for us. And since I live in Central New York where we have all four very distinct seasons, I love them and the expression of life and rest we find in them.

So it is almost Spring! I know calendar-wise, it is already so. Yet here, it is just beginning. I will enjoy each day of it as it unfolds into summer.

4 thoughts on “Almost

  • As I am reading your blog it reminds me of the cyclical time of my life. When my children were young my family used to gather together for all the holiday celebrations. As my sisters (3) and my children grew and married with families of their own we started to grow into a different way of celebrating. My sisters go away for the winter so now nieces and nephew come back to celebrate at my house. I am praising the Lord for giving these children a love and desire to know the Lord. We sing Happy Birthday to Jesus at Christmas, Thank the Lord for His abundance at Thanksgiving and Praise Him for sacrifice and Resurrection at Easter. And the Lord also healed my husband from a tear in his stomach while he was in Augusta. After 4 units of blood and 5 days in ICU he arrived home safely 3 days before Easter. THE LORD IS AWESOME!!

  • I too love the newness that comes in with the breath of a brand new season. Especially spring. I am hopeful or expectant in my spirit this time of year more so than any other.

    • I pray our Lord blesses you with a fresh breath of His own Spirit as you walk through this Spring-time season. Thank you for reading and for commenting.

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