Reading Thru. . .

I am a big advocate of reading through the Bible every year. There is nothing I know of that can amass for the individual the over-all counsel of Almighty God than to read His Word systematically year after year. To this end, I am putting the schedule I wrote several years ago on our Psalm 19 Ministries web site. It is, as always, free to all. The only reason it is copyrighted is to protect the fact that it is not to be sold. If you enjoy it, feel free to print it out and put your own logo on it and distribute it at will. Just please list Psalm 19 Ministries as its copyright holder and then let me know you are using it. That will encourage me.

If you believe the word is “black marks on white paper,” then re-reading the same thing year after year gets old and boring. However, when you believe the word is a living entity and continues to unfold in revelation upon revelation in the heart and spirit, then you will want to avail yourself of its mysteries hidden for such a time as now. I encourage you to do so. May you be blessed as you listen to our Lord Jesus as you read.

It will take a bit of time to get the entire year on site, but hopefully it will be there before this year’s end.

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