About Christ!

There have been some blogs working on the premise that Christmas really isn’t (wasn’t) about Christ at all. So I thought I would just add a thought or two to the thinking pool.

Now really! Christmas is like any other time of the year – it is about who or what the individual makes it about. For me, Christmas is always about Jesus my Lord, the Christ of God. It as a day, is always celebrated with joy for His coming and all that follows. I know that is just me, but it is really up to the individual as to what any day or season is “about.”

For me, well, every day is about Him and every season. So if I choose to use all the popular Christmas images and music, that is really my choice. And, I do choose – Him – and the celebration of Him – every moment.

Enjoy the season – Merry Christmas over and over again.

And while we are on the subject, let’s not get stretched out of shape over “Happy Holidays.” We are evangelists after all, and one of the first steps is to be inclusive. My greeting never leaves my Lord out. He lives in me, so anytime I greet someone – He greeted them too. If “Happy Holidays” makes them open to listen to His heart through mine – Happy Holidays it will be.

But since this is my blog – MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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