Reading Thru . . . 2

I have just completed March (more months as I have time – hopefully to have entire year up before New Year dawns) on the “Daily Bible Reading Schedule” on line at Psalm 19 Ministries. I have needed to pull it all back and put it in another form that transfers well to the web. I thank my husband for suggesting the form I am using. I think it will be helpful to follow.

The discipline (or dance it could be called) of reading the Bible systematically every year is not difficult. In fact, it actually takes only 15 minutes or so by the average reader. I am very average in my reading skills and do not consider myself rapid at all. Yet, this small amount of time has paid mega dividends in my understanding the whole counsel of God.

As I see it, there are basically three disciplines associated with the Word and more or less expected from Scripture toward us who read.

The First is to read. That is simple. This is not study, nor meditation. I often find folk who say they want to do it “right” and study it all out as they go. The only problem with that is that I have yet to discover one of those folk with a good over-all knowledge of the word. The reality is, they never have time to do it “right,” so it never gets done at all.

The Second discipline is to study. Well, this is a different discipline altogether. Here one is not concerned with order, but with digging into a selected text and seeing what it unfolds in its data. It takes much more than 15 minutes and is involving only a small amount of Scripture. This is also commanded. But it is not the same as “reading.”

The Third is the discipline of meditation. The Biblical discipline is the action of mulling a passage over and over in the mind and allowing it to penetrate the depths of the mind and soul. This, too, is commanded and very needful, but can be done at any point with any passage. One needs to combine some method of memorization to be able to do this effectively.

So I guess, we should insert a Fourth discipline – that of Memorization. There are many technics around to help here. Pick one and memorize, or simply use the passage enough in your thought and/or teaching and you will find it comes up memorized.

As one can see, there is much to be done with the Word, our Scriptures. However, I am primarily encouraging us to read. That’s it — just read. When we do that every day in a systematic way, I find study follows, and meditation becomes more or less automatic.

So go to the site, or some other site with a systematic schedule, and begin and have a wonderful year doing so! If you have done this before, by all means, do it again. Fifteen minutes is a small amount of time in anyone’s schedule. Let’s do this!

4 thoughts on “Reading Thru . . . 2

  • Hello Iris,
    Very good thoughts here. I recall you telling me this months ago. Maybe it was even a year ago. I had attempted to read the Bible through and somehow lost track of my readings over the past year. This year I found a wonderful thing at a used book store. It is the chronological Bible (NIV). I am excited about the fact that it is written in chronological order. My plan is to pick it up on the first of January and begin my readings daily. I am so excited about it, I found myself buying one for a friend for Christmas. God is good and faithful and I am looking forward to spending my days allowing his word to unfold in my heart as I read, perhaps for understanding or content, but in reality my prayer is that the Lord will do as he wills with it.

    • Merry Christmas Dear Pat!
      I am so delighted that you found a schedule (1 yr. Bible) that will work for you. Do enjoy it through-out the year and remember, if you have a time you fall behind, do not worry — just pick it up and start again. Because the Word is alive it will speak and speak and there is no condemnation!
      Have a beautiful Christmas, and I like the header too.

  • Iris,

    What a good word! One of the most important “habits” we can pick up. I find when I am most inclined to skip my daily reading, I need it the most! This year, I am just reading “straight through,” (NKJV this year) although I have found your guide to be a very good one in years past, and I highly commend it to those in need of a “plan of action!”


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