Grading Papers

Well, push has come to shove. I must complete the grading of my spring institute course. My dear students have been exceeding patient with me and my travel schedule, but now I must complete the stack of lessons, papers, and finals. Those of you who read here, rejoice, I have completed half of them — did that yesterday! So now I will try to finish today.

I always enjoy what the students write, and never know why I drag my feet in grading. I love to teach on the Institute level, and enjoy all who are my students. Their creative insight into the Scriptures always blesses and amazes me. Each one is so very different from the other.

In our Bible Institute we grade according to a students ability — not on a curve in reference to others. Our students’ background education has been from a high school diploma to a doctor’s degree and all in between. So it would be totally unfair to grade the one with the high school education with the same expectations of those with higher degrees. It works well for all — this watching of student progression. That is what I watch for, are they progressing in their knowledge of the subject, and in their relationship with their Lord. With out that second part, the Institute would not be doing its appointment in our Lord Jesus. I could hire someone to grade for me, but then I would not be able to see these two things easily.

We have completed 7 years of night school. I am so blessed by the Lord’s faithfulness. This summer we are offering one course — New Testament Survey — for those who have begun to study with us. This fall we will offer (if all goes as expected) a course in Acts (I will be teaching that one) and a course in the first 100 years of church history based on the New Testament (Fr. Bob Hackendorf will be teaching that one).

Our courses are presently accepted for transfer by several other Institutes. If any of you have a question about which ones, just ask. It is on an informal basis, so I do not advertise the specifics. Our students are reflecting excellent scholarship. The Institute is primarily designed for lay people. We are inter-denominational, and not affiliated with any denomination. Our purpose is to teach what the Bible says — not necessarily to insist on a specific interpretation of it. However, all teachers are charismatic, so there will, of course, be a slant that direction.

Our courses are available by extension, and you may read about all of them on our web site: .

O.K. now I must stop talking about it and get to the work of grading these wonderful (truly) writings of my students.

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