Memorial Day — USA

It is our US holiday — Memorial Day! I love this holiday. I love the waving of the flag and the overall sentiment of gratitude that rises as a result of remembering those who have fought so hard for our country and our present way of life. The US has many problems (as do all governments ordered by frail humanity), however, when we wave this flag, most hearts are filled with thanksgiving, and thanksgiving to our God.

Joe led the choir at a “Watch Fire” gathering last night. It is a gathering of the veterans and citizens in our area: a huge bonfire where all the worn and “used-up” flags are placed and burned as the bagpipes play and the choir sings our patriotic songs. He enjoys that very much.

Today we gather with my church family for a huge picnic at our park on the lake. My heart is thankful to our Lord for all who have gone before me. We do stand on the shoulders of many who have lived and died in and for this great land.

It is a grand ole’ Flag!

Have a blessed and thankful day in our Jesus!

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