When "FREE" isn’t really…

Well, I have spent a very frustrating few hours discovering that “Free” really doesn’t mean “Free.” On the side-bar of this blog, there is an Intercessors Sign up place. I began using a “free” newsletter service (under 50 contacts) to develop a scheduled Weekly Update. It is a dandy little program and since we are not “big potatoes” with a small number to send, it has been free. However, shortly they will begin charging a monthly fee, for all. The fee is not large, but I really did not want to be plugged in to paying for 30-40 emails. Later, when our numbers climb, well of course, and that is the way it was set up. But now they are changing the rules.

So I have spend the morning and part of the afternoon, chasing down “Free” programs offered on the net. Only to discover each and every one of them will give you a free trial, but then, you must pay — and sometimes for some of them it is pretty big bucks. Now I ask the question. Is it Free or not. I say a loud NOT!

This just should not be allowed. If it is free, then say so. If not, then say so. I am much less likely to use any of them, and will probably just stay where they change the rules. (I will send them an objection). I do not appreciate that, but it is more honest, I think, than telling you it is free, and then making sure you have to buy to make it effective. (I’m sorry, 25 email limit is not an email campaign).

So, there you have it. I am a bit frustrated. Oh well, the sun is shinning, and I have an outing planned for most of the rest of the day, and then there is my Sunday School class to look forward to — as well as all of church tomorrow. I do love where the Lord has me appointed.

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