It is the Time . . .

It is Spring and the time for flowers! I took this picture this past week-end in the Nazareth, PA area. What a precious example of our Lord’s attention to detail. When we have forgotten where we planted them, (sometimes, we just threw them off to the side of the road), yet, come spring there they are, flags and then these precious delicate flowers. Nothing special really.

Most of us would consider ourselves to be nothing special, really. We have ordinary (or less than) beginnings, not nearly enough of whatever, whenever, and our tendency is to count ourselves of little worth when it comes to doing something special for our Lord Jesus.

Yet, here the daffoldil stands as an example for us. Nothing special really — just a daffodil, yet they bloom for all their worth, and add such value and beauty to the scene — where ever. . . in their hour and in their time. We are like that. Just because we are His, we have value and add beauty where ever we have been “thrown,” or were we instead planted? He never forgets where, and we bloom in season, always.

Lord, may we be ever so patient with time, and allow You Your season in us deep in the quiet dark before the time of sun blooming. It will come.

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