Really Winter

Well, this is the way it looked in Albany this past week-end. It was an exciting time in the Spirit anyway. Our groups were small, much smaller than anticipated due to the storm, but very open to what the Lord would do among us.

Lauren’s leading of our worship was sweet in His presence, and the reception of the scriptural understandings very warm. I am constantly amazed at the love our Lord shows us through His people. Each of the groups was interdenominational, and that made for a rich sweetness in belonging. Really a heart blessing.

Well, this Thursday, I fly to Florida for a church conference there on the Tabernacle of Moses and the multidimensional nature of our Lord’s revelation there. I will post when I return — just wanted to chime in and let those who read know I am well and so appreciate their prayers as I travel.

Blessings to all. (Photo by Diane H)

2 thoughts on “Really Winter

  • Oh my, Iris, it really is winter your way. I hope you have a wonderful time in Florida – may the blessings flow!

  • Thank you Violet — for the prayers and the blessings! You are precious to touch in. That encourages me.

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