My reading this morning was in Jeremiah and the end of 50:6 caught my heart. It says in the King James (unusual translation for me) “…they have forgotten their resting place.” The entire context is about Israel prior to the Babylonian captivity, and the Lord through the prophet was describing them.

“…they have forgotten their resting place.” Have we be come as they were? Are we so busy in the day-in and day-out exercises necessary for our lives, guilty of simply forgetting that He is the place of solace. He is the place of comfort, He is the abiding presence that dispells all lonliness. He is.

We have so very much available to us to distract us from Him; even the many books we buy, programs to watch, even teachings, or preparations to teach. Yet, have we forgotten that we need to take His book and be quiet with Him in stillness for a bit. He does long to speak and to dwell intimately with us.

Have we in all our efforts to please Him, forgotten our resting place? It is easy to do. Sometimes I get so caught up in my teaching schedule and the needs that that brings, that I forget to remember what is the most important part. To teach out of a stressed life will not do what the Lord wants me to be doing, no matter how “anointed” that teaching is.

Let us return and rest. Today is truly Sabbath. Let’s let it be one, not in legalism of rules and law, but in relaxed, receptive relationship in our Lord Jesus!

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