Spring! Praise God!

This is a little different from the last picture I posted. This past week-end I was ministering in Florida, and I took this picture in the yard of my host family. What beautiful flowers they had. Of course, just out of CNY, any flower would do, but I thought these were absolutely lovely.

Spring is always a lift to the heart. After moving to the North East many years ago and experiencing my first winter, I finally understood what spring is all about. When you live in a climate that has warm and hot as its temps, it is a bit difficult to understand what the big deal is about spring time. However, all it takes is one good winter in the North East, and then you know; I mean you really know. Spring is felt as much as seen. It is a lift to all the things inside a person, and allows the Lord to teach us that His spring time is the best of all and we can have that at any moment and at any time.

One truth that is often overlooked about the Holy Spirit, is that He is felt as well as seen. He is an intimate part of us and of our Lord, so He too is felt in order to truly know. When we read the Scriptures without the understanding that I will “feel” as well as understand, then it becomes something to grasp intellectually, but does not have the needed impact on our moods and therefore on our lives. This is often the objection of non-charismatics. The non-charismatics do not like the “emotional” expression that charismatics are so prone to express. Quite frankly, without the “feeling,” the fruit of the Holy Spirit comes very slowly in a life.

I lived 37 years of my life as a “non-charismatic.” I was riddled with periods of depression and many body illnesses. However, once I bowed to the Lord in my desperateness, than even though I could not grasp His doctrine with my intellect, in the bowing came the avenue of healing. It is hard to explain. But in my unwillingness to “feel,” the gospel and my choosing to stay in my “English” reserved nature, I had chosen to have a life of up and downs and in and outs.

Mood consistency has come as I have allowed His mood to be mine. It is a grand exchange. It is truly a death to my nature, but I have been empowered to life in a Spring time atmosphere. What a joy He is. I would urge all who read, do not refuse Him in any dimension who is the empowerment of life at each and every level.

One thought on “Spring! Praise God!

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    I love what you wrote about spring,”…Is felt as much inside…a lift to all things…allows the Lord to teach…” Sorry can’t remember all the words, but I love the way you put that. I have those same feelings about spring. It’s a good “starting anew” time of year.

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