Tuesdays are Grand

Tuesdays are grand because I get to teach an Institute level Bible Class tonight. Tonight it is Matthew 8-9. What a wonderful passage of Scripture. We (13 adult students and myself) will spend 21/2 hrs. enjoying the Spirit’s leading through these chapters. We get to discuss the relationship between authority and faith; sin and disease (ohhh that’s a biggie — it’ll be an exciting discussion I imagine); fasting, patching old cloth and filling new wine skins — another goody; demon possession and the Lord’s treatment of it (interesting–no fasting involved–hummmm) and then there is this call to pray for workers for the harvest.

The Lord’s Word is so alive and so rich for today. I am amazed as He allows me to work with such precious Words in such precious lives. My study, so far, is exciting to me. The PowerPoint is about ready for both chapters, now after some lunch, I will go further into the passages. I have to watch myself and not let it all “pop” before I get to class.

Hope your day is as special as this one is for me! Blessings.

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