Monday Morning

Well, that is what it is — Monday morning! I am blessed to be up and excited about my activities for the week. Last week (Wed.-Sat.) I was out of commission with a bad cold, and with that now mostly past, I am really looking forward to enjoy participating in this week. (Activities and schedule on ministry web site).

Last evening I attended the play Eternity, which is being produced at my local church. I must say I am impressed with the unvarnished truth of the Gospel that is presented in this production. I am not one to generally “go” for this type of evangelism, but I am blessed by this one. It is a broad “net” which is doing a marvelous job. (First night 37 responses; second night 42). I am a one-on-one type of person when it comes to evangelism, but this is doing a wonderful job. Plus, I do believe the follow up is in place to keep the time effective long after the play closes. Our congregation is not a large one, yet the acting is superb. I am thankful to have gone and thankful my church is producing it.

In the past, I have had a tendency to be critical of such efforts, especially when they are such “in-your-face” efforts. However, I am learning that the Lord uses many and various kinds of outreaches to get people into His Kingdom. I may not be led to be a part of any one kind, but that does not mean it is not to be used. We need to take our “critical caps” off and throw them to the wind. (Repentence — that is what it is called). If the gospel and love of our Lord is boldly proclaimed, then we need to bless the efforts.

May the Lord continue to bless Eternity!

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